Our wedding took place in Wasaga Beach ten minutes from the afternoon reception in our backyard. It was fantastic to spend the day outside! Thanks to our family, friends and our amazing wedding party who made the day seamless. My Maid of Honour, Susie, brings more love to our life. She saw me through every step of planning with grace, wisdom and beauty. Ilyan made amazing chocolate covered strawberries and all the favours. Georgia helped me with make-up and reminded me to meditate. So many special moments. Caz videographed the day. Julia's 5 bottles of homemade berry wine from Ithaca (Song neighbourhood at Ithaca Eco Village, to be exact) were shared for the wedding toast! Chelsea played music by her mentor, friend and my friend, Oliver Schroer. Countless moments and MANY thanks to our parents.
Most of all, thank you to Dave...my love. You made wedding dreams come true and
make lifelong dreams come true every day!!

Please email xan@xave.ca or dave@dave.ca with any thoughts or comments.

With love,

Xan and Dave a.k.a. Team Xave

Ilyan makes one of the desserts using Chocosol chocolate.
Comfortable all day wearing these pretty beach shoes made by Fiona Khan

Dave's niece, Hannah, is our lovely flower girl.

Georgia and Susie made sure I was ready on time. Knowing me, that's no small task! Without them, I would still be putting finishing touches on Hannah's basket.

Beaming with pride...
Susie is holding a book called, 'The Simpler Life'. Dave and I started referring to it while planning our wedding and chose it to hold our rings.

 Pausing for a picture.

The limo came back for the wedding party after first picking up my family in Toronto, then dropping them off at Allenwood Beach. 

 I'm on cloud nine knowing it's almost time to marry Dave.

We are SO happy to be on our way to the ceremony!!

A snack for Niko before arriving at the beach.

Hannah and her mom, Laurie.

Dave chats with our friends, Ben, Julia and Rod, from Ithaca until the limo arrives.

Caz put a mic on Dave. When he's done editing the video, we'll be able to hear the ceremony over again!

Suzie demonstrates one last time how Hannah will sprinkle the flower petals.

A fine looking wedding party ready to lead the way, but not before sharing a laugh with Larry.



My wonderful husband-to-be with his best friend and Best Man, Larry.

Julia is on to us! She knows her friend may be just behind the sand dune!

I'm just coming out of the limo as guests take their seats.

Ilyan and Georgia are looking good!

A few raindrops were felt before and after the ceremony.

Susie's patience and love helped the children enjoy the day.

A lovely photo of Hannah.

Niko is surprised by all the guests he suddenly sees.

Composed on the outside and butterflies flying in formation on the inside!

Heading into position after thanking our gracious driver.

I loved the idea of going outside to get married...

...and seeing our family and friends in one place. 

Chelsea plays 'Peter and Diane' from Oliver Schroer's album, Celtica.



In bliss as we arrive face to face. Of all moments, this is the one we'd been waiting for...

...it was the moment that moved us to tears.

There is nothing more beautiful than sharing happiness with family and friends.

After meeting with us and rehearsing once onsite a few weeks earlier, Reverend Michelle Singh wrote a meaningful and beautiful ceremony.

Guests look on and later participated in the ceremony. It's sweet that even though I told him it was suit and tie, my dad wore a tux to show how much the day meant to him.

The sun came out as we exchanged our vows.



We're married!

Sealed with a kiss!

The first of many dips that day!

We're truly best friends!

Touching Dave makes anything I'm doing magical.

The clouds look like our bouquets!

Chelsea playing sweetly while we sign the registry.





A fun moment showing off our rings while Niko has the best seat in the house...

...comfortable in his Uncle Ilyan's lap.

A ritual with sand: The vessel in the middle represents the unique combination of two individuals creating a marriage.

The first of many happy days as a married couple.

Xan's Mom and Dad.

Sharing a prayer with everyone. Click here for a Close-up

Hi-Larry-ous! His stance makes Larry look like our bodyguard!



A few group pics in front of the water with my lovlies!


We've got the 'We did it!' giggles.



Ilyan, Niko, Dave and Larry.



 My lovely niece, Georgia and her little boy, Niko.

Michael Sacco of Chocosol on the right and his lovely wife, Jessica.

Lisa and her Dave are long time friends with my Dave.

A great pic of Joan and Jeff with Chelsea and Kate on either side.

Two generations. Dave's dad, Ken and Grandmother Kay.

On the way to our horse and buggy...

...after a photo on the beach.















 Ilyan and his Uncle George (Georgia's dad).



It's as if the wind was waiting until I let go of my dress!








Ilyan led a spiral walk ending in a fun, squeeeezy hug for the married couple.

Mitch Seekins starts the entertainment with his amazing voice and Michael Buble songs.

Mitch plays our first song, 'Love At First Sight', as Jay films...

...and Susie looks on. Guests are watching from the sidelines, too.

Wow! What an ending!

Guests join in following our first dance.



Lemon wedding cake topped with lemon cookies I made with Irene Schroer.






 Guests took some amazing shots, too.

 Mel and her husband Tim. Mel took many photos and some are included in this album, including the 2 panoramic views of the reception above.

Click for a close-up
 A Vegetarian Menu (click image for a close-up)...

...looks and tastes fabulous.













Dave's sister, Shelley, made this adorable chocolate wedding couple surrounded by candy pebbles.









The 'Xan' cam visits the face painting table.

Ilyan gets some arm painting done.

Doctor DJ from Barrie spins the tunes.



Janice and Ilyan.

Jacintha of Fun Pix did an amazing job!













While the dj plays 'In Your Eyes' after the last guest leaves, I fall asleep in Dave's arms.

Some photos from our pre-wedding party at Chateau Le Jardin.
First dance

Moon Light Love

Christos, an amazing dancer and vocalist is a friend of Xan's family. Our party reunited him with Xan's parents after more than 40 years. Here he recalls the early days of their friendship from photos that Xan brought along as a special surprise.

Xan's mom holding a picture of the two of them.

Xan's dad twinkles with fond memories!